How to Build A Media Platform that Creates Authority = Clients = Sales

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“CELEB STATUS NOW’ How To Build A Media Platform That Creates Authority = Clients = Sales

Are you a highly skilled female entrepreneur struggling to attract the right clients? Or do you wish you could just attract more clients? How about putting your prices up and selling more high end products? Or are you struggling to create a following, to build you tribe?

If so then I have the PERFECT solution!!!

In the last few years the art of selling and marketing has shifted from a “push” strategy to a “pull” strategy. But to stand out from the crowd isn’t easy. You also need to be developing relationships and providing more VALUE to your market place, before they will buy from you.

I have a very powerful STRATEGY for you to overcome this – CREATING an online MEDIA PLATFORM:

Quickly become the EXPERT & CELEBRITY in your chosen field Create powerful FACE to FACE interaction On demand access, for the convenience of your viewers LEAD GENERATION machine Don’t just develop relationships but build that know, like and trust factor FAST No geographical boundaries so you can create a GLOBAL business Have those high-end clients CHASING YOU

Phase 1 - Create Your Vision For Others To Follow

This powerful first step will help you to create a true vision for your media platform creating your Celeb Status for others to follow.

  • Phase 2 - Define Target Market & Ideal Avatar

    Clearly understand who you are marketing to because if you market to everyone you market to no-one.

  • Phase 3 - Fine Someone to Model

    Analysing and researching other “Diamond” leaders in your industry provides your with a strong foundation to work from.

  • Phase 4 - Personal Development

    The right mindset, commitment and determination is the key to creating Celeb Status and becoming the expert in your field.

  • Phase 5 - Choose Your Main Platform

    Want to really make an impact in your market?  Then creating a media platform that speaks to them, when they are ready to listen is imperative.

  • Phase 6 - Branding

    Get noticed now!  This is the visual aspect to your media platform, it’ll help make you stand out from the crowd and share your message with your market.

  • Phase 7 - Marketing

    It’s time to get your message out there, to show your market how you can help them and position yourself as the expert (go to person).

Phase 8 - Leverage & Outsource & Phase 9 - Long Term Vision

This is where the real wealth breakthrough happens.  Developing your media platform creates you Authority, plus Leads, plus Sales then it's time to leverage, outsource and grow your vision

What Others Are Saying!

Nicky Price, Video and Social Media Specialist

"Kylie has built a professional and authorative brand online and has attracted and worked with some very high end clients. She truly cares about her clients success and is able to show them how building their brand and understanding who their target market is, builds a quality list of buyers who come back over and over again."

Sabrina Khan, Founder of FuelYourselfFabulous.TV

"Kylie has built her own highly successful brand and platform and is really fast becoming an authority in this area. Her own platform features really high level female personalities and she is making waves. She will help you do the same for your business; to stand out from the crowd and become an authority in your area."


What's Included!

  • Learn the 9 Key Phases To Launch Your Media Platform - Radio/WebTV
  • Learn to Quickly become the EXPERT & CELEBRITY in your chosen field
  • Learn to Create a LEAD GENERATION machine

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